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Prakash Sales Torus Broom Phool Jhadu with Natural Shillong Long Grass 21 inch Handle Stick, Cleaning, Dust Removal & Easy Floor Sweeping


  • GRASS BROOM: Prakash Sales brings the finest quality brooms made from Shillong grass for daily cleaning. This broom sheds less dust, dirt, or crumbs behind and enables you to clean the floors perfectly. It will allow you to remove dust from corners effortlessly.
  • HEAVY-DUTY MATERIAL: It is made of top-quality grass that produces 50 percent less straw (bhusa) than other normal brooms, it serves ultra cleaning, and with its Plastic handle, it is comfortable to hold the broom and wipe out dust.
  • WIDE REACH: This broom is designed in such a manner that makes it easy to clean the floor without bending and making your back suffer. Its long length helps you to reach out deep under the furniture.
  • CLEAN ALL TYPE OF SURFACES: It can clean all types of surfaces like wooden home floors, tile floors, and marble floors, and can also remove the cobweb from ceilings smoothly.
  • EASY-TO-STORE: The handle has a hook design that enables you to store it easily by just hanging it. It will occupy less space and If you want, rather than hanging it, you can also keep it in any corner, then also it will not cover a large space.
  • Environment Friendly Broom : The Earth loves you; return the favour. Participate in the Race to Make the World a Better Place. The broom is made of natural grass, which is environmentally friendly and safe for our environment. Use natural products to be a responsible citizen.
  • Home Cleaning Made Easy : CHAND SURAJ provides premium quality traditional phool jhadu / brooms stick with genuine stainless steel 50 cms long handle for everyday home cleaning. Because it leaves no dust, filth, or crumbs behind, this broom can be used to thoroughly clean the floors. It will allow you to effortlessly clean dusty corners.
  • Premium Grass Broom Stick : There are several varieties of broom grass. This broom's grass is the most premium, which is more green and leaves far less dust than other low-cost products on the market.
  • Sturdy & Long Handle : The long stainless steel handle of this broom is more durable than the plastic or aluminium ones. The large handle length makes it easier to reach behind furniture deeply.
  • Extensive Reach : This broom may be used to clean a variety of surfaces, including marble, tile, and wooden floors in the home. It can also be used to easily clear cobwebs off ceilings.
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