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Government E Marketplace

Prakash Sales is a government e-marketplace where you can procure goods and services provided by the government. From books to tenders, publications to certifications, you can find all the government documents here. We provide a rich listing of products for individual categories of Goods/Services. You can search, compare, select and buy the items you need. You can also buy these online, as and when required. We ensure there is transparency and ease of buying with a transparent vendor rating system. In addition, we offer a user-friendly dashboard for buying and monitoring supplies and payments. We also offer our customers an easy return policy.

Goverment e-Marketplace

Prakash Sales is the best government e-marketplace for buying the majority of government schemes, items, and offerings. We help you buy the documents, goods, and services online, as and when required. We also offer a single-window system for aggregating demands and ordering.

  • Transparency: Government e-Marketplace eliminates human interface in order placement and payment processing to a great extent. At every step, we offer SMS and email notification to the buyers. Online, cashless, and time-bound payment on our marketplace is facilitated through integration. Seamless processes and online time-bound payment helps the buyers and major PSUs and state government.
  • Efficiency: Direct purchase on Government e-Marketplace can be done in a matter of minutes and the entire process is online, end-to-end integrated and with online tools for assessing price reasonability. For procurements of higher value, we offer the most transparent and efficient e-procurement systems in the Govt. sector.
  • Secure and Safe: The government e-Marketplace is a secure platform and all the documents are safe. The antecedents of the suppliers are verified online at every step.
  • Savings: The transparency, efficiency, and ease of use of the Government e-Marketplace portal have resulted in a substantial reduction in the process of placement for us. Demand aggregation for most of the common-use goods and services results in increased savings for our customers.

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