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Record Tag File Cover (Pack of 12 pcs)(Size: 14 X 10 inch)(400GSM)
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  • Most Durable File Cover in 400GSM (approximately). Pack of 12 Professional Quality cover.
  • Size: 14 X 10 inch. GSM: 400. Color: Red, blue, green, yellow and orange. Color will be sent on the basis of stock availability.
  • Two rivets on left top corner. 1.5 inch cloth strip. Archival quality covers are perfect for long term storage.
  • Perfect to organize your important papers, memos, projects, presentations, photos, letters, and forms at home, the office, school, or on the go with these useful envelope folders.
  • File Cover - High Quality and Long Durable Material, Holds Upto pages 15 to 20 pages (approx).
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