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Decoding Artificial Intelligence - Textbook for CBSE Class 9 (2024-25 Examination


Decoding Artificial Intelligence - Textbook for CBSE Class 9 (2024-25 Examination


Author:- Dr. Sachin Gupta, Dr. Bhoomi Gupta
Board:- CBSE
Class:- 9
Subject:- Artificial Intelligence
Language:- English
ISBN:- 9788119446681

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast gaining currency in today’s day and age. No wonder, AI very often figures in conversations in our daily lives. In fact, we ourselves are using devices powered by AI, thus contributing to the improvement of AI algorithms with each passing day.
It becomes imperative for the learner of today to be equipped with Artificial Intelligence and understand how this technology works while at the same time appreciating its constraints. AI is neither a magic wand nor hype but a well-established, logical and defined technology.
Essentials of Artificial Intelligence for Class 9 strictly adheres to the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE. Each chapter of the book has been carefully written to include lots of real-life examples, tools and quotes from the who’s who of the AI world. Do research about these distinguished people, about the tools mentioned in the book, and go through the quotes carefully as significant knowledge is embedded in them. I would urge the users of this book to focus on the fundamentals and develop an AI mindset so that you can analyze how to integrate AI into problem-solving in any domain.

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