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Soft Care Star H100 Gentle Hand Cleanser Soap -5 L
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  • Soft Care Star (Hand Wash Cleanser) is used in washing the hand as it removes dirt and bacteria with an effective fragrance.
  • This¬†hand washes as for external use only as effective for the skin.soft care star is made out of biodegradable compounds thus they are nontoxic and much effective for use.
  • Gentle on skin - keeps skin soft and supple
  • Soft care star gentle hand cleanser is ready-to-use. It can be easily dispensed through any refill or top-fill dispensers.
  • Soft care star gentle hand cleanser is so formulated that, about 3 - 5 ml. is sufficient for a good handwash. This makes it extremely cost-effective
  • Cleanse and hydrate your hands the natural way
  • Gentle hand cleanser soap
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