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Bhartiya Kala Evam Sanskriti (Hindi) 4th Edition UPSC
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The rich tapestry of India’s cultural achievements, presented in chronological order (Ancient, Medieval, and Modern) would be of immense help for aspirants of the UPSC CSE and State Public Service Commission Examinations and for general readers as well. How will this book help you? Easy and structured plan on how to approach the topic for the Preliminary and Main examinations. Events, topics and issues arranged in a chronological order (Ancient, Medieval and Modern India). Important topics to focus given at the end of each chapter. Practice questions for Preliminary and Main examinations. Colorful supportive illustrations Highlights. Indian Heritage, Art and Culture: How to Approach. Indus Valley Civilization and Harappan Culture. Hinduism. Buddhism. Temples and Architecture in Ancient and Medieval India. Bhakti Movement and Sufism. 

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