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Prakash Sales Diary With Pen Gift Set Box Hard Cover Bound Diary Notebook-Grey Smooth Fine Writing Pen
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  • Executive Notebook Diary is popular choice for everyday use, the notebook diary provides plenty of space for notes, calculations, lists, doodling, musings, and more.
  • The notebook’s basic, minimalist design includes a cardboard bound cover with rounded corners for a finished look.
  • A handy travel companion, the notebook’s hard cover protects the pages inside and doubles as a convenient writing surface, making it easy to write in the notebook from just about anywhere.
  • A hand in the sand, head thrown back in the salty sea and hair flowing with the waves- freedom means different things to us all. But travel unites us.
  • Be it surfing the oceans or straddling on a horse or be it napping on the cool sand of the night beach, we all enjoy these moments of leisure.
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