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Comprehensive Guide To Buying NCERT Books For Class 6: Everything You Need To Know

Comprehensive Guide To Buying NCERT Books For Class 6: Everything You Need To Know

The educational journey of your child is a top priority for parents and choosing the right study materials is a crucial step in this process. 

For students in India NCERT books are the cornerstone of the curriculum especially for those following the CBSE syllabus. If you're looking to purchas? the complete set of NCERT books for Class 6 (latest edition English medium) this guide will provide you with everything you need to know.

Why Choose NCERT Books?

Standardized Curriculum: NCERT books are prescribed through the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) making sure that the content material is regular with the country wide educational standards.
Comprehensive Coverage: These books cover all topics in detail imparting an intensive understanding of each subject. They are designed to construct a basis in main subjects like Mathematics, Science Social Studies and English.
Clarity and Simplicity: The language utilised in NCERT books is straightforward and easy to understmaking it accessible for students of all learning abilities.
Examination Oriented: NCERT books are important for making ready for CBSE exams as most of the exam questions are at once primarily based on these texts. They also form the idea for many tests.

Complete List of NCERT Books for Class 6

Here is the complete list of NCERT books for Class 6 availabl? in English medium latest edition:


Mathematics Textbook for Class 6


Science Textbook for Class 6

Social Studies:

History: Our Pasts – I

Geography: The Earth Our Habitat

Civics: Social and Political Life – I


Honeysuckle (Main Textbook)

A Pact with the Sun (Supplementary Reader)


Vasant (Main Textbook)

Bal Ram Katha (Supplementary Reader)


Ruchira – Prathamo Bhag

Where to Buy NCERT Books for Class 6

Online Stores:

Prakash Sales: A trusted supplier offering a complete set of NCERT books with the convenience of online shopping and home delivery.

Local Bookstores:
Many local bookstores stock NCERT books. Visiting a n?arby bookstore allows you to physically inspect the books before purchasing'.

School Supply Stores:
Stores that specialise in school supplies typically have the complete range of NCERT textbooks.

Tips for Buying NCERT Books

Check the Edition:
Ensure you are purchasing the latest edition as per the current academic year to stay updated with any curriculum changes.

Buy Early:
Avoid last minute rushes by purchasing books well in advance of the new school term.

 Look for Discounts:
Many online and physical stores offer discounts especially when buying the complete set. Check for deals on platforms like Prakash Sales.

Verify Authenticity:
Make sure you are buying authentic NCERT books to avoid counterfeits. Buying from reputable sellers or the official NCERT website ensures authenticity.

Supplement with Guides:
While NCERT books are comprehensive, additional guides and workbooks can provide extra practice and aid in better understanding.

Benefits of Buying a Complete Set

Buying th? complete set ensures that all subjects are covered uniformly providing a balanced study approach.

Cost Effective:
Often purchasing a complete set is more economical than buying individual books.

Comprehensive Learning:
With the entire set students have access to all necessary materials promoting a well rounded education experience.


Purchasing the complete set of NCERT books for Class 6 is a strat?gic step in ensuring your child’s academic success. These books provide a solid foundation aligned with the CBSE curriculum and are essential for effective learning and exam preparation. By following this guide you can make an informed decision ensuring that your child has access to the b?st educational resources available. 

Visit Prakash Sales for a hassle free shopping experience and get the latest edition of NCERT books delivered to your doorstep.

With the right resources your child is well on their way to a succsseful and enriching educational journey. Happy studying'! 


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